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The goal of the project is to enable Listing Quality Team to identify both active and inactive product listings of Spreetail on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay with errors and allowing for more proactive error solutioning.

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Project details

Project Client: 



Figma, Confluence

My Role: 

  • -> Co-leading the project with PM
  • -> Facilitating the Design Workshop
  • -> Conducting Usability testing
  • -> High-fidelity Wireframing

I facilitated a Ideation/Solutioning workshop which is an accelerated form of design sprint that includes UX Research Methods like Brainstorming, Affinity Mapping, Crazy 8 sketching and dot voting that allows users to generate, develop and communicate new ideas for improving the product listing live time on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Target and many more that Spreetail sells its vendor products on as a third party seller.

Ideation/Solutioning Workshop

  • Brainstorm issues and opportunities with our listings.                                                                                                                                                   
  • Explore possible solutions for listing issues
  • Vote to determine set of MVP features

We invited the Marketplace Managers, Marketplace Operations Team, Vendor Managers and Listing Quality Team to brainstorm issues and opportunities with marketplace listings inviting all kinds of thoughts sticking to the core theme of product listings using sticky notes and sharpies. The participants were given 10 minutes to brainstorm and write down all their thoughts on the sticky notes.

Affinity Mapping

Each participant went one by one across the table speaking out one sticky note at a time and placed the note on the board. If it followed a similar theme, other participants also placed their notes near that note and continued to do it till everybody had finished their sticky notes. While participants were placing their notes, I was creating themes and placing the pink sticky notes over the group of yellow sticky notes.

Affinity Notes

These were the main themes that emerged from this session:

  • Content Validation
  • Inactive Listings
  • Drop Shipment Vendor Focused
  • Marketplace Rules and Restrictions
  • Marketplace Level Validation
  • Reasons for Listing to be Inactive
  • Data sent to Marketplaces
  • Correct Listings at the Correct Marketplaces
  • Feedback from Marketplaces
  • Intercommunication between Teams
  • Fear of the Unknown
  • Outliers
Crazy 8s Ideation

After the affinity mapping session, participants were asked to sketch 8 ideas to solve the problems based on the themes that emerged in 8 minutes using an ideation method used in Google Design Sprint called Crazy 8s. They could either sketch 8 ideas or even 1 idea in 8 different ways.

We got 7 main ideas from this session that we could work on to improving our product listings:

  1. Popup Window for a specific listing issue
    - User can claim the issue if they are working on it
    - Can add notes to help resolve similar issues in the future
  2. Report that can be downloaded that includes
    - Item ID Column
    - Columns for Marketplace
    - Item cost split by marketplace distribution to prioritize issues
    - All known item errors
  3. Page for each Marketplace with list of all known errors
  4. For each item, show listing health on every marketplace
    - Ability to drill into listing issues for each marketplace
  5. Page/report to show for all items if they have restrictions
    - CARB Compliance
    - Prop 65
    - Chemicals
    - Batteries
  6. High visibility dashboard/snapshot to show what's happening with your catalog or marketplace
    - Ability to click into and get more details
  7. Marketplace columns in Inventory Spreadsheet
    - Show if listed or not
    - Show if Buy Box repressed

Dot Voting

After the 8 minutes of sketching, each participant went one by one presenting their ideas using sketches and then were given five sticky dots to vote on the sketch of the idea they liked the most (they could even vote on their own idea).

The highest voted sketches from the Crazy 8 session

Follow-up after the Design Workshop


After getting all the themes for issues related to product-listings and multiple ideas to resolve it, I along with my Product Manager used Trello and Figma to storyboard all the themes and ideas into a product flow that could help us transform our data into wireframes for a cohesive product that encompasses all the ideas and issues.

Storyboard with highest voted sketches related to themes emerged from Affinity Mapping

Wireframe Test/ Validation

Following the storyboard, I created some wireframe screens using Figma that followed the flow of the storyboard to have follow-up conversations with stakeholders like PMs, Listing Quality Team and Engineering regarding the product feasibility and possible functionality add-ons.

Screen-1 showcases all the listing errors grouped into types along with the high level details
Screen-2 shows a deep dive into one of the error types along with details of an error at item level

Hi-Fidelity Mockups

After showing the wireframes to stakeholders, there were a couple of minor requests like adding more filters like Error Type and First Reported Date and removing the priority column since it was not clear what the criteria should be. I then created a clickable hi-fidelity prototypes using our Meta 3 Design System components on Figma and incorporated the stakeholder feedback making them usability test ready with the end-users.

Screen-1 showcases all the listing errors grouped into types along with the high level details
Screen-2 shows a deep dive into one of the error types along with details of an error at item level

Usability Testing

We selected 6 end-users for this test where they were asked to complete 2 tasks using the clickable prototype on figma while they are being observed by me and project manager, to see where they encounter problems, experience confusion and get useful feedback.

Usability Script on Figma

Key Changes

We got a lot of useful feedback during the 6 usability testing sessions and then our team did a whiteboarding session to decide on the features that are a need to have vs nice to have and decided on these :

  • Add Inventory Value (FIFO) column to help prioritize
  • Add Live Status to indicate if listing is down or not
  • Add Inventory Quantity (QoH) column to help prioritize
  • Explore using labels to make error names more user-friendly
  • Explore building a higher-level overview page to quickly show stats about health marketplace
  • Add ability to search for an item and quickly see if it has errors
  • In the Item Details Pane, adding the following information
    - CrossLister and Content Creator links
    - Other Errors
    - Last Successful Update
    - When the error message came
List of all the features discovered from the usability testing feedback

Hi-Fidelity Mockup v2

After the whiteboarding session and deciding on the features that need to be added to the product, we did another round of testing with a smaller group of end-users using the updated prototypes before starting the development of the product.

Key Changes

After this session we got only three changes that would address the feedback/concern regarding the current prototype of the product. Here are the key changes required:

  • Replace Title column with Part Number (PN) column
  • Replace Live Status with Toggled On/Off
  • Change title of Inventory Qty column to Sellable Qty
Soft Product Launching (Beta)

We launched the beta version of this product to 8 users only and wanted to get more feedback before we launch the product for everyone. We included a feedback popup and was demoed in our all company meeting.

We included a popup to get more feedback before launching it to all end-users

Product Launch and Future Scope

Listing Doctor was launched to all the end-users in the beginning of March 2020 and we are still collecting feedback for the version 2 which is in the roadmap for the current quarter. We have been getting really positive feedback from the users helping them maintain live listings on various marketplaces quickly and efficiently.

Snapshot of the feedback form
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